PCB-140113-4788-2Peter C. Blanchard is a fine art nature & landscape photographer based in Portland, Oregon.  Ever since learning about Evidence-Based Art, he has been on a mission to create and deliver images that inspire hope, relieve anxiety, and promote wellbeing.  He is especially interested in using his artwork to affect meaningful change for those who are suffering from illness, injury, or chronic stress.

You can support the work Peter is doing by becoming a contributor at www.patreon.com/pcb or by purchasing art through www.manifestphoto.com.

You may also follow Peter on facebook or twitter.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your work, Brilliant business plan!
    Couldn’t get your manifestphoto contact page to work from iPhone. Interested in rates/purchasing a photo for our home. Suspect it’s out of our price range., but inquiring anyway :)!

    • Hi Ross, thanks for your persistence. There does seem to be a problem with my contact form on the iphone – bummer! I’ll send you an email momentarily so we can see about getting some art in your home.

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