On Photographing National Parks

If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, you’ve seen a few behind-the-scenes pictures of my photography tour of the SW United States, like this one:

Behind the scenes at Bryce Canyon.

Behind the scenes at Bryce Canyon.

This trip has been incredible.  I’ve finally had the opportunity to spend some real time with my uncle Peter, after whom I was named, and together we have seen some of our country’s most beautiful destinations.  I know without a doubt that I have captured some of the best images of my life (don’t miss the last 2 days of my Pre-Sale, where you can get up to 50% off the art from this trip by making a purchase before I publish them).

Behind the scenes during sunset at Zion.

Behind the scenes during sunset at Zion.

As beautiful as they are, there is a downside to photographing national parks and monuments.  I often speak of photography as a form of meditation; a way for me to experience nature’s beauty and disengage from the overwhelm of daily life.  While this can be found in our national parks, it has not been the norm on this trip.  Many of the most picturesque places are well known, and well trafficked by photographers and sight-seers.  As a result, many of my experiences along this trip have been reminding me of my recent trip to Multnomah Falls, where I have had to work a bit harder to find the meditation that is the core of nature photography for me.

In the end, these parks and monuments are an invaluable resource, and well worth visiting for anyone who has an inkling.


I think that they will continue to be the exception for me, rather than the rule, as I seek to maintain the sense of calm wonder and discovery that is why I am a nature photographer in the first place.

One Last Shameless Plug:

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