In Memory

In Memory

In Memory

At the request of the family, I am removing my description of these events.  I am leaving up the photos as a tribute to Russel Falotico, as well as this reminder:
You never know when your time will come.  Be careful with your life, and do not wait to express your love to those who are important to you.




12 thoughts on “In Memory

  1. Huge experience. Kristie’s expression of kindness and compassion was undoubtedly helpful to Mr. Falotico as well as everyone in attendance. You will never forget him.

  2. So sorry for your experience. I grew up in Tillamook not far from the mouth of the canyon and remember the common sounds of sirens heading up the highway. TOO often they go that way. I can’t even count how many times I’ve driven that road. Wish people were more cautious and smart along there:( He didn’t have to die.

  3. It is obvious that you were called at that moment to be this man’s last connection with this world as you ushered him into the next. Though I am sure this rocked your life and heart rest assured you were light at that moment. For that I hope his family finds some bit of comfort. May your memories, though difficult, be a source of reflection for you and all of us that in a moment, life can be taken from us. We need to appreciate what we have been given each day. Though I don’t know you,your photos and words spoke volumes to me. Blessings on all of you that stepped up and made a difference.

  4. Peter, thank you. A friend of a friend sent us your post. I worked with Russ and I actually spoke with Kristie yesterday. We are all thankful she called. I passed along her number to his brother and sister-in-law to share with his wife and children. I will send this to them as well. You and Kristie are a blessing.

  5. Peter & Kristi, Thank you both so very much! I worked with Russ also. Kristi your compassion & kindness goes beyond words and hopefully everyone who sees this will take a lesson from you & carry it forward. Peter your pictures are great & Russ would have loved them. Thank you both again for all you have done. I will be sharing this we several friends God bless.

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