From Sofa Safari to National Parks Tour

Epic Adventures

Those of you who follow along with my sporadic blog and social media posting will already know this, but I just got back from an incredible adventure driving coast to coast with The Bug Chicks as the camera man for their Sofa Safari video series.  The idea was to take an antique green couch from sea to shining sea, place it in a wide variety of ecosystems, and film all of the incredible insects and arthropods that can be found right here in our country.  I have to hand it to them for making such a nutty idea come to fruition!

PCB_130827-0065Along the way, I got to see many parts of this country that I’d never had the chance to visit before.  I love to travel, but I’ve focused so much on overseas travel that until now I’ve overlooked a great deal of what our own country has to offer.


The Grand Canyon is a prime example.  I could have spent weeks there just staring in wonder at this giant crack in the earth.  Unfortunately, our break-neck schedule meant we got there after sunset, and would have to leave mid-afternoon the next day, giving us just one opportunity to see the golden light of sunrise work its magic on the canyon.

I submitted this photo from that morning in a contest to be the photo on the 2015 Federal Recreation Lands pass, and to my astonishment and delight it has rocketed to the #1 position by popular vote among more than 11,000 entries!!  Click the photo (or click here) to cast your vote and help me win!  The U.S. Department of the Interior even posted this photo on all of their social media as their welcome-back posting after returning from the government shutdown on October 17th – what an honor!

I’m still in first place, as of this post, but there have been a few others that are climbing in the ranks, so please help me stay on top!  Once you have voted, don’t miss the chance to win a free print of the photo by sharing the cover photo from my facebook page!

National Parks, here I come!

All of this has also got me thinking.  Our national parks are bloody amazing.  Every one I’ve been to has been shockingly, breathtakingly beautiful.  As a photographer, the draw for me is obvious, but the recent government shutdown also brought into sharp focus how fortunate we are to have these wonders of nature, preserved for our enjoyment, and just waiting for us to visit them.

It’s inspired me to begin dreaming up a plan.  A GRAND plan.  I’m going to orchestrate a tour of our national parks, take photos of these incredible places, and set the whole thing up as a fund-raiser for the National Parks Foundation.

The details are still forming, but stay tuned – this will be epic.


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